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Thursday Night Live Fly Tying started four years ago, when we wanted to take our love of craft beer , as well as our love of fly tying and combine the two into a single event.  When we started this idea, we quickly realized that not everyone could attend in person due to geography. This spurred us to evolve a mini production company and air this event professionally live each week. We stream live on our facebook and Youtube page.   With help of donations and sponsorship, we will be able to continue to produce this event for many Thursdays to come. We want to create a very relaxed environment where there is no judgment and all feel welcome.  

​Why can't every day be Thursday! 

Thursday Night Live Fly Tying - Season 5 Material Kits

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These TNL individual material kits are awesome! Super cool modern patterns with x1 pre toed fly and enough material to tie x5 of your own! Scan the code on the front of the package with your mobile...
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KITS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE THURSDAY NOV 10TH @ 7PM!!! We are very pleased to announce that we will once again be sponsoring Thursday Night Live Fly Tying with Fly Fishing Bow Rivers Dana Latte...