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Skips Turn-On Indicators - Rocky Mountain Fly Shop

Skips Turn-On Indicators

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Skip's Original Turn-On Strike Indicators were developed in 1990 by Skip Halterman for fly fishing anglers who desire a re-usable and easily adjustable strike indicator. Strike indicators were relatively new back then. And this one was and still is on the cutting edge. They are so ingenious, they are the only patented strike indicator you can buy.

Turn On Strike Indicators are incredibly easy to install and they are re-usable, again and again.

They can be re-positioned on the leader without removal from the leader.

They can be removed or installed on the leader without removing the fly.

Turn On Indicators will not put a kink in your leader or damage the leader in any way.

They can also be set up on the leader to allow them to slide. This is a great benefit for anglers who fish out of float tubes with limited room to retrieve a fish due to being so close to the water and not able to stand up.

Sizes are Medium and Large
Medium = 5/16” diameter, 3/4” long
Large = 3/8” diameter, 3/4” long

Colors are FL Yellow.

Assembly Required. To offer the shaped rubber band, without any pre-sold stretch, these indicators are sold disassembled. Instructions are provided to guide you through the process.