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TFO Deluxe Lanyard - Rocky Mountain Fly Shop

TFO Deluxe Lanyard

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As an excellent alternative, or in addition to a vest, this deluxe beaded lanyard has even more attachment features. It comes with swivel hooks, detachable split ring clips, and a clip-on retractor like our original lanyard. Additionally, it also has a small fly box and a leather patch for forceps. Of course, there's still lots of room to add tippet, nippers, and any other tools you may need. Made of strong cord with an adjustable round foam neck strap, this lanyard is so comfortable and lightweight you won't notice it around your neck until you need it. This lanyard also has a quick release function for quick removal in a tight spot.

Excellent for hot weather
An alternative to bulky vests and packs
Includes a fly box
Quick release function
Snap hooks, clip-on retractor, detachable split-ring clips
Extra room for more accessories
Adjustable length
Quick release attachment buckles
Leather patch to clamp pliers to
Floatant holder
Clear fly box
Break away neck strap
Comfortable foam neck strap