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How To Tie The PB Minnow

How To Tie The PB Minnow

The PB Minnow is a variation on a well known streamer pattern tied with a cool new material from Textreme! Called Predator Bait Fiber. These streamers are excellent droppers and can also be used all on their own. Very similar to the ever popular Kreelex Minnow tied with Kreelex Flash Material. Predator Bait Fiber comes in a large variety of colors and mixes! and can be tied up in a endless amount of color variants. 


Hook: Mustad R75AP Roar Streamer XL #6

 Thread: Textreme Body Fly UV Pink 170 Den

Head: Wapsi Medium Pink Dumbbell Eyes 

Body: Textreme Predator Bait Fiber FL Red & Pearl 

Adhesive: Head Cement or Solarez Bone Dry, Loon UV Pink

Tools: Scissors, Whip Finish, UV light 

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