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Take your fly fishing to the next level with entomology supplies that will help you catch more fish! Whether you're taking seine samples or throat samples of flipping rocks, we have the tools you need for collecting stream side bugs!

Why Anglers Should Engage in Entomology

The reason every angler should have at least a basic understanding of entomology is because fish eat bugs! So, if you’re trying to catch fish, it’s a good idea to learn what your prey preys upon. Not only that, but as the seasons change, so do the insects. Understanding at a basic level the size, shape, and colour of insects, as well as the time of year they are most prevalent, will allow you to better “match the hatch.”

Have you ever wondered how skilled anglers choose their fly fishing fly?

Well, it’s a lot less intuitive than you might think. Skilled anglers don’t just guess what fly they think will be the best. And, they don’t simply rely on the recommendations from their favourite fly fishing blog. They get right in the fishing hole with their entomology net and take a good look at the insects they pick up. This simple practice is the best way to match your fly to the insects you’ve picked up in your net.

Entomology Supplies Canada

At the basic level, every angler should have an entomology net and a bug jar. These two entomology supplies alone can seriously level-up your angling experience. Again, you don’t need to become a bug expert, but the right tools can improve your fly fishing experience tremendously.

Shop our selection of entomology supplies online today at Rocky Mountain Fly Shop and discover everything you need to “match the hatch” with ease!


Entomology Supplies

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These lab-quality specimen vials are useful to hold, examine and transport bits of nature and keep tiny items safe. These vials are the perfect durable portable container for collecting, preserving...
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The white elastic net stretches over the frame of your dip net. Regular size fits all net openings 10" to 13"; large net openings 16" to 18". Put this on your dip net and move threw the water to ca...
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A fine seine net that you can use to examine the insects in the river and match the hatch! 12" x 6" net 12" sticks Rolled up slim profile takes up little space in a pack