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At Rocky Mountain Fly Shop, we carry a variety of eyewear and accessories. When it comes to fly tying, we know that you need precise vision!

Our Fisherman Eyewear selection includes a pair of Fisherman Flip n’ Focus magnifier clip on glasses! These clip on glasses clip securely onto your existing glasses to add extra magnification. Flip them up when you don’t need them, and flip them down for fly tying and seeing tiny details. They’re also polarized, offering both UVA and UVB protection, making them perfect for outdoor wear. They’re sleek and discreet, great for adding onto your glasses without adding bulk or cramping your style!

We also carry eyewear accessories, like our Fly Fishing Hard Case. For protecting your sunglasses, Flip n’ Focus glasses, and even your eyeglasses, our Fly Fishing Hard case is durable and convenient. It even includes a clip so that you can attach it to your fishing vest, so you’ll never be wondering where you left your glasses!

For all your eyewear and accessory needs, check out our diverse selection right here at Rocky Mountain Fly Shop.


Are the Fisherman Flip n’ Focus magnifiers compatible with all glasses?

Yes! Because they attach to the lenses by vertical arms, instead of attaching to the nose bridge, they are compatible with all kinds of glasses. So, you can attach them to your eyeglasses or sunglasses, and read maps, tie flies, or even look at your GPS with ease.


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we have a set of lightly used costa lens technology reefton 06s9007 polarized glasses forsale. These glasses are like new condition. no scratches and comes with a hard case! 
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Protect your Flying Fisherman Sunglasses for longer lasting care in a Flying Fisherman Case. Provides storage for your sunglasses when not in use, preventing scratched lenses and damage to frames. ...
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Eliminate glare and see more fish wearing these lightweight polarized sunglasses.
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These polarized fishing sunglasses deliver crystal clarity and maximum UV protection.