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Tying The Drunk Drea

Tying The Drunk Drea


 The Drunk Drea is one of our favorite trailer flies! It is an excellent Slim profile streamer pattern. Even for a non articulated streamer pattern the marabou in this pattern offers lots of flow and movement wile being stripped or swung! I personally like to trail mine behind an articulated streamer! So tie one up and give one a try this season!


Hook - #2 - #6 Mustad Roar Streamer Hook

Thread - 6/0 or 140 Den in appropriate color to match your scheme 

Tail #1 - Barred Marabou pick your favorite colors 

Tail #2 - Barred Marabou pick your 2nd favorite colors 

Body / Collar - Ice Dub to match your primary color 

2nd Collar - Ice Dub to match your secondary or white for your belly

Flash Material - Flashabou