Season Four Thursday Night Live Fly Tying


Thursday Night Live Fly Tying - Season 4

We are very pleased to announce that we will once again be sponsoring Thursday Night Live Fly Tying with Fly Fishing Bow Rivers Dana Lattery and Tim Hepworth in their fourth season!!! Episode 0 will air on December 2, 2021 this episode kicks off the season and is not included in the materials kits. On December 9, 2021 episode 1 will air and this is where the material kits begin. Every week there is tons of free giveaways and contests and over the course of the season the guys will give away tens of thousands in prizes!!!   

If you are familiar with the show the fly tying kits will be available for sale in our shop while quantities last. These kits are limited and once sold out their will be no more produced for season 4. Each kit contains all the materials you need to tie up to x2 of your own flies and one pre tied fly. In addation the kits come with x6 rolls of thread as well as a deep discount card from Rocky Mountain Fly Shop and a $100 credit from Fly Fishing Bow River to use for a guided fly fishing trip. We have a limited number of single episode material kits available from season 3 if you want to purchase one and give the show a try. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show here’s how it works. The show streams live every Thursday night at 7pm on Fly Fishing Bow River Outfitters Facebook page and on their youtube channel. You can watch it live or go back later and check out the show whenever you’d like on YouTube or check out the fly tying short video which provides only the fly tying instructions. In addation this season we are hopeful that Rocky Mountain Fly Shop will be hosting a open house tying group every Thursday while we air the show at a local venue in Olds Alberta. More to come on this in the next couple of weeks!  

Every week the guys tie two different patterns. You can purchase a materials kit to go with the show or just tune in and watch or tie along with your own materials. The show is a blast! Its just like sitting around with some good buddies having beers and tying flies which is a great change of pace with everything that is going on lately with the covid situation.

If you decide to purchase a materials kits here’s what is included. You will receive a box and inside the box there will be x20 bags. Inside those bags is two pre tied flies and enough material to tie up to two of your own so in other words your getting 120 flies with this kit and all the instruction required to tie them. The show will air 20 episodes and they tie two patterns per episode.

The price of the kits are $280 we have them available here in the shop or you can order them through our online store.

I think your really getting a lot of value out of these kits when you combine them with the content of the show. Plus it’s a great way to learn to start tying and if your already tying it’s a great way to tie a bunch of different flies without having to purchase a lot of material and its an awesome community to be a part of!. No matter what it’s definitely a really fun way to spend your Thursday night and to get your fly boxes all stocked up for this spring!

If your not a fan already you’ve got to check this out. As well if you tune in to the show live there’s going to be lots of chances to pick up some free merchandise from the shop!

You can purchase material kits using the link below

Thursday Night Live Fly Tying - Material Kits – Rocky Mountain Fly Shop