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Nor-vise Nylon Set Screws

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Many people seem to have an issue with accidentally knocking the rear hub out of the lock position while tying. We know this can be frustrating and we are asked about this often. In the past, we would tell people to put some high tack wax on the shaft, keeping the hub locked.

These two screws will go in the threaded hole on the rear hub. Install one and thread it down until it LIGHTLY contacts the center arbor. This will put a little pressure on the arbor and tighten up the slide fit between the hub and arbor for a custom “feel” of tension on the rear hub. Once adjusted, thread the second screw in the hole on top of the first one to “lock” it into position. You can still use the turning handle as before. If your rear hub “clicks” while rotating the vise, these little guys will take care of that as well.