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Canon - EF 50mm f/1.8 II Lens - USED

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The Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 S.C. lens enables you to take high-quality photos you’ll be proud to show off to your friends. With a focal length of 50 millimeters, these camera lenses keep distortion to a minimum. Six elements in four groups also work to combat chromatic aberrations like blurring and colored halos. The mount of this Canon camera lens is made of rugged, durable plastic. These standard 50mm lenses delineate images well even when you’re shooting close-ups. Their viewing angle takes in a full 45 degrees, and clarity won’t suffer at the outer edges of your shots. At 4.6 ounces, this Canon FD lens is very lightweight and won’t make your photography tote bag too heavy to carry comfortably. This lens will fit any Canon FD camera, and it also fits Canon EOS cameras. These lenses may also fit mirrorless digital cameras that are produced by other manufacturers so long as you use the right attachment accessories. When you manually adjust the focusing ring, the lens can extend outward by up to 5/16 of an inch. The aperture ring is made from a sturdy aluminum cast, and it has six diaphragm blades to facilitate easy focusing. With an F stop of f/1.8 STM, this aperture can open to 27.8 millimeters. This setting keeps diffraction manageable, allowing you to take photos of very high image quality. This piece of optical photographic equipment has been treated with an anti-reflective Spectra Coating to further cut down on flare and ghosting. One of the joys of snapping photographs with these Canon 50mm f/1.8 S.C. lenses is the ability to produce bokeh effects. Bokeh is that slight distortion in a photograph's peripheral elements that’s achieved by the equipment itself rather than by post-production software. The speed of your Canon FD f/1.8 50mm lens and the circular shape of its iris-like opening enhances bokeh. You’ll want to shoot with the lens as wide open as possible once you mount it to your camera. Bokeh is enhanced by moving in relatively close to your subject, too. Select the widest setting for the opening, choose the desired shutter speed, and you’re all set to create artistic photographs with the right focus. This piece of Canon equipment is great for the adventuresome photographer who prefers manual control over autofocus features. The focusing ring turns easily and allows you to select the F stop you want. You can still use it with autofocus equipment like the Canon EF line and USM products. At 50mm, this Canon f/1.8 lens gives you a three-stop advantage over 55mm product. You won’t need to increase the ISO when you’re shooting in low illumination, and you’ll be able to use faster shutter speeds. When you’ve finished using this piece of photographic equipment, be careful to place it with the rear end up. This will help protect its glass surfaces, camera contact points, and mount. If glass surfaces or contact points get dust or fingerprints on them, clean your Canon with a dry dust cloth. Enhance your picture-taking capabilities and get those breathtaking shots with the FD 50mm STM series lens.


Hands down best fly shop I have been to!

Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful, super friendly and great variety of product.

Brett Johnson

Excellent shop!

They've got anything you could need. It's a huge selection, which is surprising for a small town shop. They're amazing people and Collin can answer any questions you have. His knowledge is impressive.

Calvin Reid

Incredible preparation & professionalism

I recently spent a weekend with a close group of friends fly fishing along with Colin and team - incredible preparation & professionalism, quality camp equipment and fishing gear and just a first class operation overall. I would and highly recommend RMFS to any and all fishing skill levels interested in enjoying themselves on the water. It was a really positive experience for our group.

Ryan & Kim Wismer

The prices are fair and shipping is lighting fast

Congrats to Colin and Tammy on the move to their new location in downtown Olds! The prices are fair, they have a great selection and the shipping is lighting fast. Best sticker offerings I have seen south of Red Deer as a kicker.

Trevor Gosselin

I had a fabulous lesson with Jordan from Rocky Mountain Fly Shop

I had a fabulous lesson with Jordan from Rocky Mountain Fly Shop. We went out on the water and he tailored the lesson to my experience and skill level. We touched on casting, fly selection and an introduction to reading water. It was all hands on and I walked away with the confidence to try new things this summer. It was a perfect morning and I'll definitely do it again.

Michael Sambir